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Finally, I am a 46er with 9.3 PPP and anticlimactic finish on Cliff on July 31, 2017

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  • Finally, I am a 46er with 9.3 PPP and anticlimactic finish on Cliff on July 31, 2017

    I hiked #46 Cliff on July 31, 2017:

    Among all the peaks Cliff was the most challenging for me from point of view of technical difficulty of both rock climbing and mud wading. Also it was day #3 of hiking for me and I felt tired. Finish on Cliff was anticlimactic. Quite a few times during this hike I even though “Why am I doing this hike at all? What have I lost here? What kind of entertainment is this?” I had such thoughts even when I was back to a lean-to. It took me the whole night to recover. Only in the morning I had a more positive outlook of the whole ADK46 journey.

    I started on September 5th 2004 with Mt. Marcy withy my son. On the summit in a whiteout my first GPS has died. So I had to use a constant stream of hikers for orienteering.

    On October 9th 2010 I hiked Algonquin Peak. I started with my son, however he lost an interest in reaching a summit of Algonquin. We split: he went to Wright and I went to Algonquin. I was not prepared to encounter a layer of ice on a trail and this hike was rather stressful for me.
    Back there I still did not know that I was supposed to hike all 46, so Algonquin was the only peak for me on this day.

    I hiked all remaining peaks solo. I do not mind hiking with other people, but finding people who are able to keep up with my pace is challenging because I hike noticeably slower than an average hiker.

    I hiked first 42 peaks as dayhikes using a motel or an inn as a base camp. Only 4 last peaks (Skylight, Grey, Redfield and Cliff) were hiked during a 4 days/3 nights backpacking trip to Calamity leanto.

    Two most memorable and relaxing hikes were Street and Nye and Allen:
    I hiked Street and Nye on October 10th 2010. The trail was covered by fallen leaves. The weather was perfect without any wind or rain. The trees also looked nice with colourful remaining leaves. I have not met any person during this hike. It was very tranquil hike.
    I hiked Allen on March 6 2016. The weather was also perfect. The trail was well broken so I took only Microspikes with me and left snowshoes back in a trunk of my car. I met several people during this hike however similar to Street and Nye it was also tranquil.

    Hiking for me is like meditation, so I value solitude and tranquility on a trail.

    I was exhausted at the end of three hikes:
    Rooster Comb, Lower Wolfjaw, Upper Walfjaw, Armstrong, Gothics on July 4th 2011,
    Haystack, Basin, Saddleback on July 30th 2011 and
    Cliff on July 31st 2017 (it was a 3rd day of hiking in a row and I was already tired at the start of Cliff hike).

    I was not 100% warm and fuzzy about technical difficulties of scrambling Cliff and hiking icy Macomb slide on March 3rd 2016 with Microspikes and trekking poles. I should have taken crampons and an ice-axe with me.

    The fastest hike was Cascade and Porter (5 hours 3 minutes) on May 17th 2011.
    The slowest hike was Couchsachraga (16 hours 29 minutes) on November 13th 2016. Temperature was around freezing and boulders of the Santanoni Brook were covered with wet snow and ice; I was moving very carefully and slowly. However, I lost my focus a bit later when descending a trail to Bradley Pond with a headlamp light. At one place I incorrectly identified the trail and has fallen backward when downclimbing a tricky step. I did not like this experience at all. As a result, for my next hike I bought inReach to allow my wife to track my progress.

    Some statistical numbers for my ADK46 journey:
    Year Peaks Days Trips
    2004 1 1 1
    2005 0 0 0
    2006 0 0 0
    2007 0 0 0
    2008 0 0 0
    2009 0 0 0
    2010 3 2 1
    2011 11 4 4
    2012 1 1 1
    2013 0 0 0
    2014 9 5 3
    2015 7 5 2
    2016 7 5 4
    2017 7 4 2
    Total: 46 27 18

    Click image for larger version

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    And I feel silly asking but what exactly is 9.3 PPP? I am unfamiliar with the acronym.


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      Originally posted by Makwa View Post
      And I feel silly asking but what exactly is 9.3 PPP? I am unfamiliar with the acronym.
      PPP - forum Posts Per Peak.

      429 posts were required for me to hike 46 peaks.
      429 / 46 = 9.3
      Last edited by Yury; 08-07-2017, 10:22 AM.


      • Makwa
        Makwa commented
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        Of course! How could I have missed that?! But now you've got me curious if 9.3 PPP is a high number or a low number.

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      Congratulations Yury!
      Looking for Views!


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        Congratulations! I've only completed 12, and they have all been done as day hikes while staying in the area. I've wondered how much 'easier' it would be logistically and financially, if we could camp out for some, but it's not in our skill set yet. Bravo for finishing, and getting your final peaks the way you did.


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          Way to go, Yuri!

          (FYI, with this post, I'm a 3.18 PPP. )
          ADK 46/46W, Grid 226/552
          Photos & Stuff


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            Congratulations, Yury!

            Nothing wrong with doing it "your way".

            We enjoy your participation on the forum and look forward to hearing about your second round.


            • Yury
              Yury commented
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              Thank you Joe.
              I am not sure about having enough time for a 2nd round or a winter 46 in a near future.
              It takes me typically 6.5 to 7 hours of driving (with all stops) to get from my home to Adirondacks.

              My current TBD list:
              - Trap Dike
              - McNaughton
              - An easy bushwhack
              - An easy slide
              - Winter backpacking trip
              Last edited by Yury; 08-10-2017, 03:04 PM.

            • 2505
              2505 commented
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              For your TBD, I recommend:

              -Trap Dike- 100% great trip. Pick your day during a dry spell so the crux is not a full-on raging waterfall (as it was when I did it)
              -McNaughty- fun whack
              -Bennie's Brook Slide. really fun and accessible
              -Winter BP: for glamping, stay at Grace or Peggy O in the JBL compound. Otherwise, options abound. Personally Panther Gorge LT is on my list for this

            • Yury
              Yury commented
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              Thank you 2505 for your recommendations.

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            Congratulations, Yury
            Cats: 39/39, 26W/35W......ADK: 38/46


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              Congrats! Those statistics you have are interesting. I agree that solo hiking is like meditation.


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                Congratulations Yury.


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                  Congratulations @Yury

                  Cant wait to make this post myself someday.


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                    Congratulations Yury. I understand the mileage from the does make it hard to get up there after your quest is finished. Life gets in the way, unfortunately. But, the mountains will wait for you and one day you will have time to visit them again. Bask in your success!


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                      Congrats Yuri. I really enjoyed your brief reminiscence and stats!


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                        Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your journey.
                        We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing ~ Satchel Paige


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                          Congratulations on your finish,