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Working on the Alton Grid.

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  • Working on the Alton Grid.

    I just did Alton for the 3rd time and realized each time was in a different month. Looks like I'm on my way!
    We (Jean, Oliver and self) canoed Lake Placid and visited (but did not remain on ) Loch Bonnie Peak, Moose NE and bien sūr, Alton prior to returning to the canoe for a wonderful late afternoon paddle in hot sun with gentle winds. It was an 8h30m whack with a bit of everything. Heavy blowdown, soaking-wet car-wash woods from start to finish, wide open woods, steep little mountainsides, a long ridge traverse with some cool views and on Alton a few cliff bands through which we slithered up the weaknesses. In actual fact, I won't be pursuing the Alton grid and shall probably never return to that sector.
    Project-100: 100 peaks, one winter.