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Hurricane from 9N 4/30

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  • Hurricane from 9N 4/30

    Walked up Hurricane in the afternoon shower yesterday. Still got nice views over the clouds.

    Trail was super popular in the AM. There were about 20 cars and we met about 30 people and several nice dogs, all coming down as we went up. We were the last ones on the summit; only our car remained when we got down.

    Trail is in good shape. We cleared numerous small blow downs on our way through; there are a few larger ones that will need cutting. No traction required; a few patches of ice on the trail near the top, but easily walked over. Summit dome itself was fairly dry rock with a few puddles.

    (There may still be a need for traction on the "north trail" from Crow Clearing; have not been on that in a few weeks.)

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    tcd - here's a pic of you.

    Was a neat day photographically.
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      Great pic! Thanks! Yes, I'm sure we are in that picture somewhere...


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        How did the new trail sections look after the second winter? Any wet areas or eroded sections? The trail was "sustainably" designed and routed. I wonder how the use has affected it after less than two years. Last I heard it was adopted by the Alpine Club of Canada.


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          The new trail sections looked OK. Some mud, but not bad for springtime. I was a little surprised that the "side cut" section early on held up as well as it did. That side cutting was unnecessary; the existing trail was hard and perfectly stable; that part of the reroute was just done to meet some kind of written standard. But it has held up so far, so that's good.