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Cool Cat and Buck Fever -- 4/22/17 & 4/23/17

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  • Cool Cat and Buck Fever -- 4/22/17 & 4/23/17

    So these were my first hikes in three months. I've been on the shelf nursing (babying) my arthritic lower back which starting giving me trouble in mid January after nearly 18 months of being pain free. It was nice to get out once again but I felt like I was walking in place. My two slowest hikes in years. Though not horribly taxing under normal circumstances I really felt the miles after not being out in so long and having gotten soft and out-of-shape while resting the back. I won't go into much detail on these hikes as I've posted other trip reports on these two mountains in the past. Here are the highlights:

    Cat Mountain -- Saturday 4/22

    This was my third hike to Cat and I used a third different trail to the summit. On this day I took the red trail which goes by Edgecomb Pond and has a LOT of ups and downs. So much in fact that the round-trip cumulative elevation gain for this hike was more than the height of the peak. That's a first for me I believe.

    The hike was very very wet. Water everywhere. Fall's wet leaves were still on most of the red trail which made it all the more worse. There was no way to stay dry so I stopped trying to do so.

    I stumbled upon a geocache in an ammo box just a few hundred feet from the summit. Didn't record my name or take/leave any trinkets. Not my thing.

    It was a cool, gray day in the high-40's to low-50's but felt much colder given the lack of sunshine and the wind. Happily, the sun peeked out for a bit while I was on the summit.

    As always, the view from Cat is amazing and among my favorites on Lake George. A 270* degree panorama starting at Tongue Mountain and continuing all the way south down Lake George is well worth the effort of the hike.

    Buck Mountain -- Sunday 4/23

    I took the short route from the trailhead just past Hogtown. As I passed Hogtown that parking area was overflowing. Sleeping Beauty must have been a mob scene. Thankfully, Buck was not. Only about 10 cars where I parked and the summit only had about 15 people enjoying the view.

    Weather was gorgeous. Warm and sunny. Nary a cloud. Perfect day for a hike. Views were superb. The High Peaks were clearly visible and you could still see the snow atop Marcy.

    On my descent I think I deflated a group of 20-somethings a bit as they were charging up the mountain and asked how far to the top. Knowing I was less than 20 minutes from the parking area and standing at around 1350' on the 2334' mountain I impolitely laughed and said, "Well... you're at the bottom." My more detailed explanation of how long/far/up to go didn't keep them for charging forward.

    The sad punchline for the weekend is my back started hurting again... so... hurray for me , but good to be back out hiking once again.

    A few pics from the weekend...

    On the way to Cat... Edgecomb Pond...

    View of Buck from Cat

    Panorama from Cat

    View of Cat from Buck. It's the one in the foreground just to the right of Gore's ski trails...

    View from Buck looking west...

    View from Buck looking north. Hard to pick up from this pic but the High Peaks were quite detailed and easy to see on this day way off in the distance...

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