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Just Dial for the Winter Gathering, 18 March 2017

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  • Just Dial for the Winter Gathering, 18 March 2017

    We had one heck of a pretty day on Saturday! We were lucky to have slept in, as we got to follow mastergrasshopper the whole way. Thanks Glen!

    We didn't take too many pics, it was a heads-down day. However, I posted a panorama and annotated it because everything was so clear. If you're interested in what you're seeing from Dial, here it is (from the very large original pic in the link):

    It was fun to pick out Yard Mountain. Allen is surprisingly obvious from Dial. I'm pretty sure those two bumps are the Crows, not 100% sure though. The one in front of them might be good 'ol Baxter.
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    Hey very nice pano almost like being there.
    ​I had a great time breaking trail in the early morning cold and watching the sun slowly light up the great range as I climbed.
    Glad to meet you at the gathering.


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      Mastergrasshopper -
      It was awesome to meet you, join in on the trail breaking festivities and enjoy great company and good conversation! Next year, I will have to plan to go to the gathering.
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