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Big Slide 3/19/2017

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  • Big Slide 3/19/2017

    Hiked Big Slide 3/19/2017. I knew from the forums that the trail had been scouted and packed down properly by KV Streamer & crew. Started up from the Garden at 7am sharp. Made it to the first brother and was completely blown away with the views. I'm only on #8 but I think this may have been the best I've seen so far. I was surprised at the amount of wooded forest there is to do. I was expecting huge slab rock and ice etc etc. The walk was much simpler than anticipated for sure. By the time i got to the junction I had only passed by some really low level hairy spots. Had them on my mind but wasn't very worried. The last section is for sure steep but nothing unmanagable. Made it to the top by 11:30ish and was more than fine with that time. On the way up I met fellow forum member MAlexander & crew. They passed by and I chatted with them again as they buttslided down after summiting. They assured me
    I was close as close could be. After summiting I was greeted by a group of three, a man (Chris) and two women who were from I think it was Geneva, somewhere in Western NY. Nice people, chit chatted a bit. They had done Allen the day previous. I parted from them and the summit and headed back. Got to experience some higher speed buttsliding for the first time and i'll tell ya, it felt good! Made it across all my concerning spots and made excellent time down. Was in the car and happy as hell to have finished incident free by 2pm. All in all, a somewhat challenging hike at times but doable for most people. Except for the couple with insanely cute baby in Osprey crazy backpack thingy who waved and said hi & bye in passing #supercute. They were making the decision to turn around before the first brother :( He was ambitious to continue forward but girlfriend was not amused one bit and had made the call, lol. Hope they made it down safe. All told it was a killer day. 10/10 Thanks for reading :P

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    Great! A highlight for my kids and I was how fast we got back to the junction after the summit - the last agonizing half-hour on the way up was 5 minutes buttsliding down