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The Stack before the Storm (Haystack March 13, 2017)

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  • The Stack before the Storm (Haystack March 13, 2017)

    We had planned to do Haystack on this date 2 months ago and as it turned out, the timing was perfect since it fell between the -5F weekend and todays blizzard. We had excellent conditions on packed trail with some 6" new powder up high that was easy to get thru being over the hard crust. The 4 nights of below zero temps setup good stream crossing everywhere at least for now; the winds were minimal and the sun shone thru the afternoon. Range Trail is bit sketchy between Phelps Trail jct and LH but easily followable for those used to herd paths. Microspikes till Slant Rock then crampons for the rest of Phelps trail to Range Trail and summit. Minimal ice on LH and H, but crampons recommended for those spots where ice exists. Our last climb for Winter 16-17. Pic of LH and H and Marcy from Haystack follow.

    Me: #4919 42W/46
    Elliot: 44W/46
    Lisa: 36/46 and 24W/46

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    I know the threat of the storm would certainly be a motivating factor to push the pace a bit.
    Nicely done👍
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      Thanks ADKJack! Usually, we'll pick a weekend where the forecast is good and of course it turns out to be socked in; in this case, it may have been the best climbing day of March anyway.