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Colvin Blake 3/11/17

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  • Colvin Blake 3/11/17

    Few weeks ago it was near 60 degrees for my Colvin hike. The snow had been sticky and tedious which resulted in turning back on Colvin and missing Blake. I debated some alternative trails to Blake but decided against (snow shoot or something its called, off sawteeth?) Today was another story with fairly chilly weather, more so the wind with temps well below zero. Started around 8am, icy lake road. Took the Gill Brook, there looked to be 2 groups of 2 ahead of me with same goal, they took cutoff. Down low the Gill Brook was solid ice which didn't lend well to microspikes. After some time changed to snowshoes which helped. Steady climb fairly uneventful, no views to be had this day. Back side of Colvin was icy and treacherous as expected. People had donned full crampons here which I had but as typical was too lazy to stop and put them on. Met the 2 groups of 2 near top of Blake. Quick hike back to Colvin, took the cutoff this time and preferred it to Gill Brook. Another few groups coming up this day as well. One small tricky part heading up Colvin, narrow area of icy snow above a small drop-off where the inside rock has a crack for good hand hold, on the way down I lost footing and was hanging by a root trying to get my snowshoe some grip. No real danger but would have been a sight for someone if they came upon me flailing.
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