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Couchie, finally, and a SS Winter Round, Feb. 11

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    Congratulations Joe! Once again you prove that you're having more fun than the rest of us. Good that you got it done early on. As challenging as the conditions have been it looks like they may get tougher as winter rolls on. I don't expect you'll sit back though. I'm sure you've already looked at the calendar and have something hatching.


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      Joe - you are a legend!!!! Congrats!!!! Hope I run into you one of these days - we got a LOT of snow -you got it in just in time - the next week is going to be tough! Now can you sit on the coach and eat bon bons?
      46R (#7146) ADK, 46W
      48 (NH 4000) + winter
      NE 115 (#706)
      NE Winter 115 (#82)


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        Wow!!!! Joe, you are amazing. See you this summer.


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          Congratulations, Joe!! There's still time for a NH48 SSW!
          #8335W, Solo 46W
          Four Season 31/46
          46 Grid 256/552
          NE 111 113/115

          One list may be done, but the journey is far from over...
          Half Dome, 2009


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            Joe as usual I'm a little late to the dance, but amazing effort and performance. No one does it better.