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Stream Crossings (Street and Nye)

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  • Stream Crossings (Street and Nye)

    Hello All. Was unsuccessful in finding a good time last year to hike these two, so we are trying again. Looking to hike them next Friday.

    From what I hear, most stream crossings are again frozen, is that correct? Looks like temperatures will be marginal this coming week with highs near or above freezing and lows below freezing.

    Has anyone done this hike recently and what is the general opinion on water crossings at this time?

    Thanks for any feedback, much appreciated!

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    Given the temps we had for the past few weeks and we are still seeing below freezing with snow cover to insulate, I'd think they should be ok. In addition, wearing snowshoes dissipates your actual bodyweight significantly.

    Those watercossings, in my experience are more tricky in the way of finding the correct place to cross and then finding the trail on the other side. I hiked them in the late fall and heading up, had some trouble with that. On the way back it was a little confusing too. Leaf cover didn't help things. Not sure how it will be in the snow. I'd guess easier. Just pay attention in that area and look for landmarks.


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      Hiked Street & Nye on 12/26/2017 Water crossings were all frozen then. Made it across without incident. Cant imagine they've thawed at all since then.


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        Thanks for the replies! Any feedback/Intel from this past weekend? Looks like slight warmup with maybe .5 inch rain coming tomorrow, then really cold again. Thoughts on how it would be on Friday with this weather?