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    Trip Planning for late Feb. Is the trail from ASRC skin-able on ski's? 2 of us are looking to ski after summiting. We've also looked into the uphill pass for the resort and just skinning up the slopes at 3am before they open. Any additional advice/thoughts is welcomed.

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    I'd consider Marble Mountain trail a little too steep, personally. Maybe others will disagree. IIRC the trail comes out to be a sustained 30 degree slope. Not sure of your ability or gear's limitations. Skinning up the toll road is pretty common, but it adds quite a bit to your mileage. I'm of the mindset that its better to skin consistently up more gradual slopes rather than having to keep stopping to rest and adjust layers, so the toll road would be my choice.

    Edit: If you haven't been up Whiteface yet, the Lookout Mountain lift is very easily accessed from the trail, shortly before the summit ridge. This way, if you aren't confident about making your way down The Slides you can hook up with the trail at the Wilmington bend and have a much more casual drop-in point.
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      The Toll Road is a great trip. Longer, but still comparable to taking the trail, and much shorter trip down.

      Regardless of your route, bring snowshoes to get to the summit and don't skimp on this. Two people fell last year hiking on the section of trail above the road because they had inadequate traction. It gets icy. If you decide to the take the stairs to the summit via the castle bring crampons. That way is just downright dangerous, IMHO.
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        I couldn't agree with this more. Especially that first section along the ridge just above the Wilmington bend. One little slip there and you'll have plenty of time to panic as you helplessly get jettisoned back out on to the toll road from a decent height.


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      Most appreciated. We all have snowshoes and microspikes, crampons seem to always be on my pack in winter. I'll check out the Toll Road as well.