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    Any feedback on crossing Indian Pass Brook? Planning on climbing Street as an approach to Lost Pond Peak on Saturday (12/9) and was wondering how the brook crossing to Street/Nye herd path was these days. Temps are below freezing but not nearly cold enough for solid ice crossing yet. Hoping there's some good rock hopping for those of us with average length legs and somewhat risk averse going into cold water.

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    Hi Glenn!

    It's hard to know which old story or saying to go back to for this one!

    >I've never seen him swim...

    >I thought you could swim in the coldest water and not be affected...

    >Surely it's not as deep as it was that night on the way out....

    >And don't call him Shirley.

    Whew - I'm done for now. And no, sorry, I don't have any useful information, just idiotic babble!


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      i know someone who did S/N saturday, though like me he falls into the 'long legs' category. he told me the crossing was "doable" and that the water was low, which to me suggested an easy rock hop and a lack of ice.

      his group was prepared with traction but barebooted it in and out.


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        It rained a lot on Tuesday.
        Project-100: 100 peaks, one winter.


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          A condition report, in case you missed it: