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13 months to finish.

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    Originally posted by moosebeware View Post
    Knowing you...I would say that if this is your priority, then something else is going to have to take a backseat to get into the kind of shape you want to be in to get this done reasonably. To get to Blake is either 18 miles from Elk Lake or go over Colvin. Getting to Emmons means going over Donaldson and you don't want to have to descend from there only to reclimb Calkins Brook the next day to get to Seward.

    I'm not sure you can be both a lifter and a hiker. Dropping some of that mass may help with your descents as well.

    I am sorry for almost killing you on Giant & RPR. In perspective to what is ahead of you, it is an easy day.

    Did you get Street & Nye already?
    Even if I switched my training around, at 2,300 calories a day and cardio work, I got down to about 243lbs this summer and my body looked like a road map. It's tough for me to lose much more mass than that unless I sit on the couch, then I gain fat and weight the same. My cardio ability was much better and your 100% right. The trip down didn't beat me up as bad. From the time I hiked with you I've made a lot of dietary changes and switched nutritionists.

    The toughest hike I've done to date was actually Algonquin and Iroquois. It's trumped our traverse. I thought about this hike. You actually climb Algonquin twice, boundary twice and Iroquois once.

    Yes, I hiked street and Nye