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Campsite within 2 hours of Roostercomb Trailhead

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  • Campsite within 2 hours of Roostercomb Trailhead

    I am planning to start late from Roostercomb Trailhead this Thursday, and can only hike for about 2 hours before it starts to get dark. Is there any suitable place to camp? I will be continuing to Mt Marcy the next day, so I was thinking of camping somewhere between Rooster Comb and Hedgehog if there is a suitable site.


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    I think the first official site you'd come across that way is past Lower Wolf Jaw, and down the ridge towards Johns Brook.

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      Some flat land in the area between RC and HH, but mostly VERY thick woods. Think "infested with trees." Might even be hard to find a decent place for a hammock in there. You might be better off car camping, and just starting two hours earlier by headlamp from the trailhead in the morning.


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        Thanks. I might just stay in the Keene Valley Hostel instead unless someone has other suggestions.


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          I've had pretty good experiences there - IF you don't expect too much. Like a group of kids rolling in at midnight and making a 15 minute racket before falling asleep.

          The best part is, you roll out at 5am and you're RIGHT THERE.

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        Are you intent on backpacking over the entire range? Or just climbing Marcy? Because if you're willing to forgo much of the range, you can find lots of camping between the garden and JBL area. You could then stash your backpacking gear near JBL, and climb Marcy from there, including much of the range from the wolf jaws notch.


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          I was planning a 2.5 day loop entering at Roostercomb and exiting at Garden. Now that you mention it, I guess it makes sense to do it in reverse. Is the site you are referring to Deer Brook? My ADK map shows a lean-to and campsite there. How likely is it to find space late in the evening?

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          There are a few lean-tos and tent sites on the way to JBL and in the area. There are also very nice lean-tos on the JBL property that you can rent. Personally, unless you are specifically interested in lugging a backpack over the range, which is a very backpack-unfriendly terrain IMO, you would do best to camp in the JBL area, maybe moving camp for your 2nd night to someplace like bushnell falls or slant rock or orebed, and do your ascents with just a very small daypack. There are lots of nice loops that would facilitate that. For example, from JBL, orebed (up) to saddleback, basin, haystack, marcy, and then phelps trail back to JBL is a great but challenging day hike. Another day could be back up orebed, but instead go to gothics, armstrong, UWJ, and back down the notch to JBL, then out.

          When I was in college, (many years ago.....) I lugged a pack over most of the range and it was pretty hellish. It's a LOT more fun with a daypack.

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        The Ausable Inn is my home away from home when hiking. Private rooms, shared bathrooms, good food right downstairs, just down the street from the Roostercomb trailhead. Very reasonably priced.