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Gothics out and back?

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  • Gothics out and back?

    I'm looking to hike Gothics next week with a couple of friends and was wondering if anyone can provide some details about the cables route. We found instructions that start at the Garden parking area but are wondering if its wise to go back down the cable route. Is there another trail we could take down that would get us back to the garden area or is it ok to go down the cables? Any additional advice is welcome too, thanks!

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    The easiest way back is to return by the cables route, but the more interesting way is to go down the ADK Range Trail. However that's more elevation, longer, & rough: from Gothics, over to Armstrong (pretty easy), then down the other side of Armstrong & over Upper Wolf Jaw (much rougher). It depends on how strong a hiking group it is. If you're not sure, think before doing the loop. Other members may give you exact mileages & elevation gain/losses to compare.... If you're seasoned enough & energetic, it's a great loop. Have you all climbed multiple high peaks in one hike, before?


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      I have not done multiple peaks in one hike yet, I think we are going to go back down the cable route this time. Thanks for the input!

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    Once you are on Gothics there isn't much in the way of vertical ascent going over both Armstrong and UWJ. However, the vertical descent can be rough due to the steepness and rugged nature of the trails. Going back down the cable route is no picnic either with plenty of steep slabs to friction "climb" downwards. However, the view as you descend is exceptional. You can think about it as you go all the way up Orebed and Gothics and decide whether you want to go back down that same way or not.
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      Wearing gloves, grasp cable with both hands, face downhill, and go. You get a great view during the descent and it's faster than walking backwards. The slope angle is about 30 degrees so it's not as steep as appearances would suggest (view below is Gothics from Saddleback). The cables are located just below the stretch of open, bare-rock at the upper end, just below the "zig-zag" in the trail.

      ​There are two cables with a gap of a few yards between them (CAB1=Cable 1, CAB1E=Cable 1 End).

      Looking for Views!


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        My software has Gothics, Armstrong, Upper Wolfjaw at 12.9 miles and 3644 elevation gain. I don't have my NatGeo map in front of me but my notes suggest they have it at about a mile longer than that.

        This is on our radar but not for a couple of years. Pyramid will be a gametime decision.


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          Gothics is a wonderful place -- enjoy! If you can, take a photo & share with us.