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  • Dipper Brook Bushwhack

    I'm thinking of a route between the Giant/RPR col and the Giant Washbowl. From looking at the map, I would think of descending along the drainage until around the level of the Dipper and then traversing to rejoin the trail above or around the Washbowl. Any info/tips appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Aerial imagery showing the bounds of open forest. If you wish, click the "Layers" icon to add 10m contour lines.,2009_cache

    There's also a waterfall (Dipper Falls) right where I drew the cliff line here (you can see it in the aerial imagery):
    Looking for Views!


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      It's generally good travel in that drainage. It is short and fairly easy to cut back over to the Ridge trail in the area of the Dipper. But as TB points out, there are additional scenic features to be seen if you continue down the brook. (Also some steep spots and dead end ledges that you will have to bushwhack around, but it's fairly easy to do so.)


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        Full Disclosure: I've yet to do this bushwhack ... but I've done so much darn mapping in the area, using satellite imagery, that I feel like I know the place. Yep, call it "book learning" so far but I do want to visit this area ... perhaps in the fall.

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      Jimmy Goodwin loved telling the story of the horse that fell into Dipper Brook a bit downstream from the waterfall (25 minutes upstream of the bridge where the stream goes under rt. 73). It was where an old logging road passed near the brook and a horse hauling logs slid down the cliff into the brook. The owner realized it was hopeless to try to get the horse out so he was ready to leave when a worker offered him $10 for the horse. The owner took the cash thinking the logger was a fool. After 4 days of effort, lowering food to the horse and building bonfires at night, the horse was lifted out using a block and tackle system. Of course the story concludes that the logger proudly paraded the horse by his boss.......Well I always loved Jimmy's stories and there never was a more honest soul on this planet but come on! Anyway, one day while researching the old roads in the Chapel Pond area I came across an old newspaper article that told that exact story (minus the parading the horse in front of his boss part).


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        Thanks for the information. Except for the Shepherd's Tooth shortcut to Marshall/Iroquois, I've not been an intentional bushwhacker. I wonder if this one will prove to be shortcut as well.


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          There are some tributaries that need to be crossed on this whack. Stay high above the brook on the right hand side...and then when things begin to level out a bit, hang right toward the washbowl. That area may be really wet right now.

          I've been pondering this adventure myself...a bushwhack in general, is never a shortcut, but always fun! You going Saturday?? I need a May Giant/RPR if you're up for some slower company.
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            I thought I would try to go just as you describe and also agree that it may be a bit wet right now. This Saturday I'm trading peaks for trail work, but thanks for the offer.

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            No worries. Have a good time.