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Nubble, Rooster, Jo and Regis

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  • Nubble, Rooster, Jo and Regis

    Will be headed up soon with teen daughter for two days to introduce her to LP and a few intentionally short, moderate, lower elevation day hikes. How does the list above sound? Any views from the Nubble and Giant Washbowl?

    We expect wet and muddy, of course, and will have micros in case of lower ely ice.

    Any other 2 - 3 hour suggestions besides Baxter or Owls Head, or neat attractions. Was thinking just Wright if she wants to go for high peak. Did Snowy last year.

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    Those are all awesome. Round Mountain, Hurricane, Pitchoff, and Jay Mt. all have breathtaking views too.
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      Try this thread...

      Have you looked at this list? Some good suggestions in there.

      A few of the Saranac 6 might fit the bill too. Baker Mt in can be done in well under 2 hours including summit time. Haystack via the Jackrabbit Trail/ herdpath is short as well. A bit longer from the main trail.

      2-3 hours is a tough limiting factor. Is that total round-trip time including summit? Or one way? A lot of the smaller fire towers would fit 2-3 hours total but would require a drive out of the LP area.


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        Do the nubble first so when you climb Rooster she can look over and see where she was. I was blown away recently with the view of Giant from Rooster. Truly picturesque. What a mountain to just stare at for a few!


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          Saranac area would do the trick and that's how I stumbled on to St. Regis (with bonus of the firetower). Main goal is to entice her with up close encounters at the base of HPs without having to summit a HP in the rain over an extended 5 - 6 hour round trip. Rooster and Jo get you off the main road and into the foyer of the park.

          I did Giant via Roaring Brook last year, but my party didn't even check out the falls, let alone washbowl or nubble so that will be just as much for me as her.

          Have been up Rooster Comb too and want to descend by the trail over towards Snow this time. Also been thru the Loj three times to Marcy Dam, but never sauntered over to Jo and the lake so we'll do the loop there.
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            Not that big a fan of St. Regis. It's "OK", but it's a long trudge through flat woods before you climb the mountain. If you are going to drive that far, might better go back towards Placid and pick up one of the other hikes mentioned above.


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              How about Snow? About 1.5 miles from route 73 along the Deer Brook Trail. View of Giant is almost equivalent to that seen from Roostercomb. About 0.7 miles shorter (one-way) than Roostercomb.

              Snow's view of Giant. by Taras D, on Flickr

              Snow's view of Round and Noonmark. by Taras D, on Flickr
              Looking for Views!


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                You mention attractions - take her to the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington. Get there just before 10am to catch the wolf feeding. You wont be disappointed.


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                  I missed the "attractions" question. Here are a few:

                  >Take in High Falls Gorge. It's the "Adirondack" version of Ausable Chasm. (Ausable Chasm is spectacular, but feels like Pennsylvania...)

                  >If the highway is open, you could drive up Whiteface.

                  >Visit an Olympic facility, such as the Bob Run or the Ice Arena.


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                    Owls Head Lookout (from 9N near Etown)

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