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Easter weekend suggestions?

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  • Easter weekend suggestions?

    We are going to be in around the Loj for Easter weekend as a family. It's a bit early to look at weather, but we are hoping to maybe get a little closer to 46 with a couple good days.
    What all of us have left:
    and some of us still need to do:
    We have snowshoes, but not a lot of time on them, microspikes that we are comfortable in. As the snow/ice/water crossing situation declares itself as we get closer, would appreciate any tips on which if any of our list might be a good target that weekend. thanks.

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    Hmmnn. 56 views but no comments yet?


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      Seeing that we know little about you and your family's abilities, our suggestions will be equivalent to prognosticating with a Magic 8 ball.

      ​Having said that, I told my Magic 8 ball that y'all "have snowshoes but not a lot of time on them" and "some of us still need to do [three other peaks]" and it suggested Sawteeth. Chances are you'll be able to bare-boot the Lake Road and won't need to put on your snowshoes until you cross the footbridge below the dam and begin ascending the Weld Trail.

      ​Good luck and have fun!
      Looking for Views!


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        I wrote all those names down on little strips of paper and threw them up in the air like confetti. Sawteeth was the only one that landed face up.

        This would be my choice due to conditions becoming variable during this time of year. It doesn't require any unimproved water crossings, which can change from hour to hour in the spring, and there's really only two short scrambles to deal with. The ascent both up and back via the Weld trail are easy in pretty much any conditions, and if the day goes really smoothly this peak can easily be turned into a fun loop by adding Pyramid and Gothics (which you probably knew).

        Next on my list would probably be RPR from New Russia. This side of the range doesn't see nearly as much foot traffic as the "front" side and also isn't as steep, which can become an issue in changing conditions.

        Edit: I just realize that TB posted pretty much the same comment. 2/2 has got to be somewhat convincing, huh?
        My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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          thanks for the tips. I had been thinking about Sawteeth as well. Was thinking of RPR, but hadn't considered it from New Russia. Do you think it would be snowshoes the whole way across the ridge? We tried Dix in similar conditions Easter weekend a couple years ago, and it was postholing WITH snowshoes for part of the way, which is why some of us still have that one on the list. In case it affects anyone's advice, we are 5, two adults ,kids 10,13,14. We have managed the first 39 on the list without much difficulty as day hikes, though a few felt pretty long., an overnight or two for the Sewards and Santanoni's. Mostly summer and early fall ascents. We have been up to Algonquin/ Iroquois in Early April with lots of snow, and a few others, but those were all well traveled and actually quite easy , maybe easier with the snow.


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            I think I would avoid RPR from New Russia. Less traffic = less packed down track = soft and better for snowshoes not your preferred micros.

            A partner and I climbed Sawteeth (and to Gothics) last weekend and can tell you the track was pretty firm to the Pyramid jct. Beyond that some drifting and deep snow. Take your snowshoes too because the snow is probably still deep there...much greater than the 8".

            Since Sunday was an even better day chances are that more people were on that trail packing it down.



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              We did Sawteeth Saturday, it was very nice. Some intermittent Ice on the road to the dam, but nothing requiring spikes. Mixed snow and dirt for the 1st third of the way up the Weld trail, then solid snow spine. The rain held off until we were nearly back at the parking area. Really nice views back toward Gothics/pyramid. The weather report for today called for a lot of rain, so we stayed closer to the Loj and just hiked out to rocky falls for lunch. In fact we got no rain at all until about 4:00. It is really warm and the remnants of snow/ ice at this elevation are rapidly disintegrating. Water in Indian Pass brook much too high to cross to the lean-to ( our intended destination) but very scenic. We are on the fence about a trip to RPR via Giant for Monday. It's warm now, expected to be a warm night, and I expect the trail will be a mushy mess. I don't know if snowshoes will help that much. We may still try in in the morning and see how it goes.