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  • Lake ice condition

    With the gathering and the huge amount of snow, many will be tempted to cross over on the lakes (Avalanche, Colden, Flowed lands). I already had a less than pleasant experience on Lake Colden's outlet going to Cliff/Redfield in March, so I wanted to get some opinions...

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    I'd be conservative and avoid it. There are VERY few places that a hiker wants to go the really require crossing ice. Skip it. Stay alive.


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      We actually have a guy in our group whose job is to measure the ice cover on lakes ... And he said it didn't look good ...
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        Originally posted by Spike View Post
        We actually have a guy in our group whose job is to measure the ice cover on lakes ... And he said it didn't look good ...

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          I only saw this because I was reading the thread. I had no idea you @ed me? I never got a message or anything.
          See the newer information I posted below?
          Avalanche does not bother me, I have been over it with open water, just have to use the trail on the ends and maybe the hitch- ups. So even though it sounds good, we may use those precautions.
          Colden has made me nervous before and we have opted for the trail. I guess we will find out!

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        Lots of open water on Cascade lake today. I know it's several hundred feet lower than Avalanche and Colden, but....
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          Natlife posted over in the gathering peaks thread.
          He had this to say:

          Today, 02:09 PM
          The trail is now broken over the lakes and to just before the uphill lean-to. Turns out the trail was only broken till avalanche lake. I broke the rest took me 7 hours out and back from avalanche lean-to. The lakes are safe and wind swept, travel is easy. The woods though are a pain but not that bad. All the way to uphill from lake colden I kept gauging snowfall and it was pretty much always 16-24 inches.
          Think box required !