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Sunrise at Cascade summit

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  • Sunrise at Cascade summit

    Hi all!

    My question is regarding a sunrise hike. My friend and I are two students/photographers from Maine here over spring break and were hoping to catch sunrise from the top of cascade.

    My question is two fold:

    1. Is hiking up cascade in the dark reasonable for our first time? (with head lamps and proper equipment)
    2. Would cascade be a good introductory peak with good views? is there anywhere else that would be better?

    We're both decently experienced with the outdoors and have spend many days this winter in Acadia. So we arent strangers to using microspikes/snowshoes/and scrambling/dealing with ice covered rocks and terrain. We're both in shape and wouldnt have a problem with the distance or snow either. However Acadia doesn't have any big peaks so we don't have any experience with longish hikes up to a 4k+ ft summit. We would be likely want to do this thursday/friday/saturday. After this snow storm is supposed to clear out.

    Basically we want to make sure we're not attempting something we're completely out of our depth trying and endangering ourselves. My understanding is that this should be a doable plan given that we have some prior experience and have the equipment we need. I've done some research but wanted to run this by people more experienced.

    Any input is appreciated!

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    Fingers crossed, there will be new snow and you'll need snowshoes. Always check the weather, I use NOAA and mountain-forecast ( and between the two they're only wrong half the time.

    Cascade is a marvelous peak and I've seen numerous people doing sunrise/sunset hikes to it. You'll likely be able to follow existing tracks if you go on Saturday (I would expect someone would climb Cascade on Friday) but I wouldn't be sure about that on Thursday or even Friday since you'll be super early. You can definitely lose the trail if you don't know where it goes and there aren't tracks to follow, and it looks like fresh snow might fall through Thursday. Note that you'll be exposed on the actual summit, and it's typically windy there.

    There are easier options for sure: Mt. Jo or Mt. Van Hoevenberg both can have stunning morning views and are shorter with less climbing than Cascade.
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      Hadn't considered the added difficulty in following trails on fresh snow... Good call on that! Looks like friday and saturday are our best bets, looks like great weather then anyway. Mt. Jo we are planning on doing but I hadn't considered Van Hoevenberg, we'll have to add that to the list. Much appreciated!

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      Hope you have fun. Depending on how much snow actually comes down the trail might be obvious. You can always follow your tracks back if you get off course.