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    Thankyou Trailboss and Joe for a realistic preview. Sounds like the conditions will be extra difficilult no matter what - will have map compass and gps .
    will certainly be an adventure and a workout with or without a summit -. Dave


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      I suppose this is a bit belated, but Haystack should pose no problem for you. I climbed it yesterday, and the tail heading up was completely packed in. Unfortunately, the ranger trail at Slant Rock to the fork between Basin and Haystack was not broken. Did you break this 1.1 mile section of trail, or did you head up to the fork between Haystack and Marcy? The climb from this fork is steep at parts, but was not unbearable. After that, Haystack was easy with the right gear.


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        I agree , the trail to Haystack was in good shape and the day was glorious. I think you are referring to the Shorey Shortcut. The route to Haystack that makes the most sense from slant rock is the route you ( and we) took along the Phelps trail towards Marcy .
        Because of our 520am start from Peggy O , we were back to the range trail junction by noon and had time to climb Basin . We did end up "breaking " the "Shortcut " on the way out, rather than climb all the back up to the base of Little Haystack. It took about 2 hours to get up and over the shortcut in fairly deep snow. Not sure it was really shorter. Thanks to everyone for their advice on this one and thanks to all who broke trail before us. The brook / stream crossings were all fine , though there were some openings in the snow / ice over Johns Brook near Busnell Falls Monday on the way out. - -Dave