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  • Snowshoes right now?

    Weather report calling for lots of snow later in the week! But I'm thinking about Big Slide on Monday (before the snow hits) and wondering about current trail conditions since everything is likely to be pretty icy/solid. I read a trip report (last week?) that mentioned snowshoes would have been insufficient traction going up Whiteface. I own trail crampons but not my own snowshoes. I will gladly rent/acquire some if the consensus is that snowshoes are a must. Anybody been up there lately?

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    I would advise that snow shoes are not optional and crampons would be highly advisable to carry and use when necessary. Big slide has a couple open rock sections but the majority is under canopy so snowshoes would be warranted. If you do not own them and do not anticipate doing any more winter hiking you can rent them at the Mountaineer, EMS, and other places.
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      I did Big Slide last Saturday. I bushwhacked up and then came down the Brothers trail. Setting aside any official requirements regarding what kind of footgear should be used based on snow depth, the entire trail is easily doable in micro spikes right now.