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  • Grace Camp information

    Some friends and I have moved our annual trip to Mt Washington over to the Great Range and will be staying at Grace Camp. Never been there before and would appreciate some intel. Feel free to PM me if willing to answer a few questions. TIA.

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    The ADK web site some information.

    They used to also send you a flyer of sorts.

    We can discuss here. What do you want to know? It's heated pretty well, has a refrigerator, stove, outdoor plumbing, lots of cookware, books to read, sleeps 6, bunks beds, mattresses, no pillows.

    Feel to continue here. When are you going? The stream crossings are difficult/impossible right now and some of the old bridges are no longer there.

    The ADK also has a warming hut very close to the JBL building that is staffed on weekends. They have first aid, hot drinks, hand warmers, and access to DEC via radio.
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      Thanks TFR. I have all the info I need.