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  • Hello fellow hikers. My name is Jim. I’ve lurked here long enough that I feel the need to introduce myself (kinda). I began hiking about 5 years ago, although I’'ve always been in the woods or on a lake. Outside is where I feel at home. In June of 2015 my girlfriend and I hiked Cascade and Porter on a Saturday, did the Lake Placid Half Marathon on Sunday and hiked the West River Trail to lower Ausable and back on Monday. 30 plus miles in 3 days. When we got home we vowed to NEVER become 46’rs.

    Meanwhile, my nephew Michael was hiking up a storm. He completed the entire Long Trail in one fell swoop and finished the Tough Mudder the very next day in 6 hours. The Northville Placid Trail was somewhat of a bore to him in comparison. Not to be discouraged he headed to Europe and hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc.

    Michael, an accomplished young man, was a Clarkson grad and had a great job with IBM in Vermont. This past October he was going on sabbatical for 6 months to hike the North and South Islands of New Zealand. He should be there right now…….

    This past June my phone rang….. Michael was gone. Not missing, like I first interpreted it, gone. This young man, whom had the world in his hand, was missing something. Something. He went sailing on Lake Champlain that day… he was going to the Fish concert the following weekend. Regardless, Michael was gone.

    We mourned him as we should, then we took to the mountains again. 15/46 as I type this. Michael treated Mansfield as his backyard, yet would occasion the 46 when time allowed. We have no certain number of summits for him, yet in perspective that doesn’t matter very much. We miss him dearly, yet celebrate his life.

    I thank all of you for a forum full of information and advice, may each of you have Happy New Year!

    Jim & Donna


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      Sorry to hear about your nephew, glad you can celebrate his life.

  • 23 yr old Rochestarian here. As a Boy Scout in 2007 I climbed my first high peak mt colden. that cold, foggy, rainy, miserable September day will forever be among my finest memories of the high peaks (and as a teenager). After completing 11 as a Boy Scout/ with my dad I went on a bit of a hiatus for a good 5-6 years. Initially I did not plan on completing the 46er challenge. Now today having completed 38 so far and beginning my second season of winter hiking, I'm loving it more than ever. I do have a hiking partner who I plan on finishing 46ing with, but I've repeated many summits solo, which I find I prefer, but my parents hate. I've taken friends up Algonquin and Giant, and it's been hard to get them to join me again, but both of them enjoyed it.