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Snow!! Did the recent storms reach the ADKs?

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  • Snow!! Did the recent storms reach the ADKs?

    Hey all, just wondering whether the recent snowstorms that hit the Albany area dumped a lot on the ADKs or not. Any reports from our more northern friends? Thanks.

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    It's finally winter in the ADK. Went in to get Haystack yesterday and the snow cover was ample - all the way up to the Range. What's also nice is that it is still light and fluffy - with very little melt so far. The snow on top of Haystack was a welcome change to the ice we experience in late January on Haystack and Basin, which thwarted our summits.

    Most of the primary trails we came across (Range Trail, Phelps Trail, Van Ho, Oredbed, etc.), seemed fairly well tracked out. One in our group stayed in microspikes without postholing once. More snow coming this week though will make for some great late winter hiking and climbing.
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      Did Lower Wolf Jaw last weekend and Gothics, Armstrong and UWJ on Sunday. Lots of fluffy snow up top. Near the Ausable River it was getting a bit soft and mushy the closer you were to the river, but I think they're supposed to get a few inches a few days this week, so that should be replenished. Heading out again on the 19th.


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        Three or four inches so far today in Jay (8 miles from Whiteface)