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APA Announces Boreas Ponds Classification

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  • APA Announces Boreas Ponds Classification

    The APA went with Alternative 2B. A compromise for all...

    Information can be found here;

    A map can be found here;

    I am looking forward to the Boreas Ponds being added into the High Peaks Wilderness. The most amazing expansion in a generation. The southern approach to the High Peaks will now be protected.

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    No bikes near the ponds but public parking with a possible restriction for handicap [only] accessible parking right up to the dam.

    It appears that the DEC "could" allow bikes to be ridden right up to the dam, but they haven't specified that yet.

    So wilderness area = cars, yes; bicycles, maybe. Again, WTF.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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      Classic compromise; nobody gets everything they wanted but everyone gets something they wanted.

      Main thrust of 2B is that everything north of the dam, including Boreas Ponds, is to be classified Wilderness. That's
      56% of the tract. I wouldn't call that "most" of the available land but it does contain all the water-frontage ... so not too shabby.

      What grabbed my attention was this line: "The APA proposes to classify nearly all of MacIntyre West and most of MacIntyre East as Wilderness."

      If "most" will be Wilderness, I'm curious to know where they'll draw the border with the adjoining (I assume) Wild Forest area. Hopefully it'll be well south of Dudley Brook.
      Looking for Views!


      • FlyFishingandBeer
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        Editing a comment
        I saw that. Some clarification on the distinction between “most of” and “nearly all of” is needed.