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Calamity and Bradley Pond Trail Bridges

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  • Calamity and Bradley Pond Trail Bridges

    Good News from the DEC:

    11-2-17 High Peaks Wilderness Update
    Topic: Bridge Repairs in HPW
    1. Bradley Pond Trail Reroute and Bridge Replacement.
      1. The Bradley Pond Trail has a new reroute and bridge for hikers and hunters going toward the Santanoni Mountains. Shortly after you leave the gravel road, the reroute is marked bringing hikers to the new bridge over Santanoni Brook. After crossing the bridge the reroute continues and joins the old trail. This route eliminates one of the two stream crossings hikers had encountered previously. Along the reroute there are some sections of trail tread that will need to be hardened next year, you may encounter some slippery sections.
      2. This project was a combined effort and thanks to all involved:
        1. NOLS Alumni Service Trip,
        2. SCA Adirondack Corps Program Manager,
        3. SCA High Peaks Backcountry Stewards,
        4. DEC High Peaks Trail Crew,
        5. Inmates from Moriah Shock Unit,
        6. Adirondack 46er Volunteer Trail Crew
        7. DEC Lands and Forest Staff.
    2. Calamity High Water Bridge Repair
    The Calamity High Water Bridge has been repaired. On 11/1/17 a crew of High Peaks Backcountry Stewards, a Forest Ranger and the High Peaks Wilderness Manager finished the repairs on the Calamity High Water Bridge. The bridge has a slight list, given the placement of anchor bolts, this will be addressed in the future, for now the bridge is in working order.

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    Good news! Thanks. Makes sense. When I was in there a couple times this summer it seemed to me that it would make sense to move the crossing a little downstream so as to make it a single crossing.

    Now the embarrassing "Bridge Out" sign can finally come down!


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      Thank you to all involved!
      Leave No Trace!


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        Yay! So refreshing to hear that projects that actually needed to be done have finally been addressed!
        Think box required !


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          So glad to hear that the Bradley Pond Trail project got finished! When I was there in mid-July, I met 2 trail workers who were hiking in to work on the re-route and bridge. Well done!
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            Very nice bridge over Santanoni Brook. It was also a pleasure walking on the soft, new, miff-muffered-moof of the reroute, which also smartly bypasses the messy stretch of trail just north of the former bridge. Some trail hardening has been done but there will still be more to do. The span of the bridge appears to be based on two utility poles. Aside from being placed by helicopter, I can't think of another way that could have been done with only human power. Compliments to the crew.


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            it is possible a helicopter was used, but utility poles for trail work can be transported by a small trail crew with only with carts and straps.
            Thanks for the link. Transporting the poles to the site would be doable but would probably take a good size crew. Here are eight people moving a base log for the rebuilt (and now destroyed) Mr Van LT last May. The poles for the bridge would be much heavier.

            The placement on the cribs would be the bigger challenge and would likely require some good old-fashioned pyramid building skills! The span is a fair height above the brook.


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              Nice work, but is it just me or the second, half-broken bridge is more risky than the first crossing without a bridge at all (specially in winter)?


              • DougV
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                This bridge is down stream of where the 2 brooks join, so it eliminates both of the other bridges.

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              FYI, I just updated that section of the Bradley Pond Trail in OpenStreetMap. It may take a few days for the changes to become visible at all zoom levels. The new bridge and rerouted trail are currently visible at zoom level 18.


              Thanks to Thomas for sharing his recently recorded track with me. The balance of his track aligned well with the remainder of the Bradley Pond Trail so I have high confidence the rerouted section is accurately represented.
              Looking for Views!


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                You may have noticed Trail Boss , that I had to bypass the Santanoni Step. That bypass is in terrible shape, and expanding. I can see eventually where that entire face may become virtually unhikeable. If ever there was an argument for a ladder (or cable) on a herd path...


                • Trail Boss
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                  I fell out of love with that bypass last November. Truly a poster-child for runaway trail-erosion. In 2010 it was a viable alternative to the slab. So its fall from grace merely took 7 years.

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                Click image for larger version

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