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    Every year about this time I start getting sad as I realize the ADK hiking season with my son is nearing an end. I try to keep it at bay during the winter by doing little local hikes and the occasional backyard firepit worship but I cant wait to get back to the ADK again the following year. I tried to think of some of my favorite memories while hiking the Daks and came up with a short list.

    Giant - The rush of excitement and awe on the Chapel Pond trail of our first high peak. The great views along the way, the open rock and the blueberries!

    Cascade - Our second High Peak. Feeling amazed when the rocky summit came into view and the solitude we had on Porter.

    Lower Wolf Jaw - Being entertained by a Pine Martin for 10 minutes as it playfully scampered around us. Fondly referred to as "Mr. Ferret"

    Pyramid - The incredible view of the slides and falling asleep on the warm sunny summit on an autumn day.

    Wright - Summitting in a cold thick misty fog and being greeted by a newt that had already made it to the top. The snap our chocolate made when we ate it.

    Algonquin - Stunning colors of the grasses in the alpine zone and the gorgeous view.

    Burn zone on the shoulder of Noonmark - A place I want to sit on a sunny afternoon when Im 70.

    Indian Pass - We planned on doing Marshall but my dad passed away two days prior so we just hiked to Wallface and sat for awhile.

    Marcy - Playing a game of chess with my son on the summit.

    Waterfalls - Big or small, they are mesmerizing.

    Malcomb Slide - Fun fun fun!

    Saddleback Cliffs - More fun!

    JBL - Great food and people and you're in the middle of the woods. If they had a shower I could spend the whole summer there.

    Grace - Beautiful view of Lake Champlain and into Vermont

    Marcy Dam - We were heading to Tabletop from South Meadow but my son wasnt feeling it. We ended up just splashing around Marcy Dam Pond and exploring. We both agreed it was one of our favorite "hikes".

    Critters - The joy we feel when we see the little toads, frogs, birds, mushrooms, newts and other owners of the woods along the way.

    Number One Reason - Spending time with my son doing something we both love.

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    Is he not available, or do you not like Winter hiking?
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      Even if you don't like winter hiking, there's no need for the season to end just yet. Early fall is one of the best times of year to hike- you've got cool day time temperatures so you're not sweating your ****s off all day, the changing leaves provides spectacular scenery, the crowds are (somewhat) diminished from the summer. And you can further extend the season by picking non-High Peaks hikes into October and even November to avoid ice and snow. The High Peaks comprises a (surprisingly) small fraction of what the Adirondack Park has to offer, and if you confine yourself only to hikes in that area, you miss out on a lot of really neat places.


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        School starts and the weekends get booked up. It gets hard to find open days for hiking but I'll be on the lookout!


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          Originally posted by Runty View Post
          School starts and the weekends get booked up. It gets hard to find open days for hiking but I'll be on the lookout!
          From previous posts, it looks like you're in Albany? Have you done any hiking in the Catskills? The Windham-Blackhead Wilderness Area is not even an hour and a half from Albany, and has some great hiking with spectacular views. With an early start, you could jet down to the Northern Catskills, hike to the summit of Windham and back, drive back to Albany, and still have plenty of time to shower and change clothes for an evening commitment. From Windham you can see the Empire State Plaza on any moderately clear day.

          Moreau Lake State Park, south of the Adirondacks, is less than an hour from Albany and has some great options as well. There's even one backcountry shelter in the park (although you need a permit from the park to camp there, I believe).

          The Glastenbury Wilderness in southern VT is also only about an hours drive from Albany. There's a decent longer loop that can be day hiked here (or done as a 1 night backpacking trip).

          Mt. Greylock State Reservation in western Mass is also just shy of an hour from Albany. There's a fairly extensive network of trails there, with a variety of options for day hikes and overnight trips.

          For a fairly easy trip, check out Beebe Hill in Beebe Hill State Forest near the NY/MA border. The drive there is less than 45 minutes, the hike is relatively easy, and the summit has a fire tower with nice views west over the Hudson Valley towards Albany (again, with views of the Empire State Plaza).

          It doesn't have much for long distance views, but the Capital District Wildlife Management Area (surrounding Cherry Plain State Park) is only about a 40 minute drive from Albany and has about 10-15 miles of trails. The opportunities for solitude are good here.

          The Bash Bish Falls area, near the area where the NY, MA, and CT borders meet, is also about an hour from Albany. There's a fairly extensive network of hiking trails here, and a number of mountains with views (including some decent backpacking opportunities). (I've not hiked here myself, but I've been eyeing this area for a possible 20-30 mile loop backpacking trip.)
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            Yes I live near Albany. I have done a few hikes in the Catskills over 15 years ago, the trails I did were like real nice ADK herd paths, narrow, smooth and lightly traveled. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will try to hit a few of them in the coming months, I think Windham will be first on my list. Thanks again!