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Best high peak trail right now

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  • Best high peak trail right now

    We found time to come up for a short weekend, hoping to do a high peak. I know it's not the best time but our free days are very limited. Any ideas which trails may be in the "better" conditions compared to others. I want to fit in a high peak but I'm trying to be considerate enough that I don't want to damage a trail.

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    My guess would be a south or west-facing trail that ascends rapidly along a rocky trail. It receives lots of sunlight (melts/dries faster), doesn't traverse long, level muddy stretches, and has been worn down to bare rock.

    ​I think the Zander Scott Trail to Giant fits this description. Cascade Mountain Trail doesn't face south but has definitely been worn down to expose plenty of rocks. Or cross the highway and hike Pitchoff, end-to-end if you have a second car (not a 4K peak but a beautiful traverse nonetheless).

    As always, stay on durable surfaces and avoid walking on the trail's edges.
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      Ok. Our original plan was for atleast Cascade and maybe porter until I got around to reading the trail warnings.

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