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Connery Pond Road

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  • Connery Pond Road

    Can someone please clarify this road for me. It is off Rt 86 I know, and the gate is open. Can I actually drive my car from Rt 86 to Whiteface Landing or just to the pond? I would like to reclimb Whiteface from that direction, but I must admit even if it only goes the one mile to the pond from 86, that's still two less miles I would have to walk to the trailhead and back, and that would be just fine with me!!!
    It's not about winning, but the rivers you cross.

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    An internet forum is not a substitute for a hiking trail guide book. Sounds like you need to make an investment in one. If you have one which says the road is open to Whiteface Landing, it is decades out of date.


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      Well that was helpful. Do you know what the word clarify means? I didn't say I had a trail guide that said it did, I simply asked if it did. More importantly I was really asking if the road goes the one mile in to the pond. I come up from Cleveland every year and when I have passed that road recently it looked like it was undriveable.
      It's not about winning, but the rivers you cross.


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        Do you have a trail guide and map? Do you intend to get them before the hike? People on this forum are very helpful, but we expect questioners to do basic homework and preparation. Too many people asking such questions these days end up calling for a rescue.

        You say "the gate is open". How do you know? It is closed in winter and "mud season". Maybe is open now, maybe not. Maybe it will open next week, maybe not.

        Is one mile of road walk really such a big deal? Just plan to do it.

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 - This is how I "know".
          The following gates were opened this week: Connery Pond Road for access to Connery Pond, Whiteface Landing, and Whiteface Mountain

          Though I live in Cleveland I have backpacked and climbed in the Adirondacks for over 40 years. Your insults are uncalled for to say the least. For your information I have climbed Whiteface from Whiteface Brook Trail before, but that was many years ago. Maybe someone else will simply let me know whether the road is driveable for a standard car - since the gate is open. As you know many roads that lead to trailheads are not driveable in a standard automobile. I have climbed Dix, Algonquin, Colden, Marcy, Gray, Skylight, Saddleback, Basin, Noonmark, Gothics, Haystack, Snowy, Giant, Table, Phelps, Pharaoh and many others along with multiple ascents of many of the ones I did and did not name. Have never gotten lost, never needed "rescue". Please don't reply any further. Perhaps when your are 66 as I am, a couple of miles might make a little bit of difference. As for myself, no, the couple of miles isn't "really such a big deal", but that was not my point.
          It's not about winning, but the rivers you cross.


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            rbi - your question was respectfully written and not frivolous at all...That trailhead situation is a bit confusing as the trail and parking area have been moved/re-routed recently due to a request from the family that own a camp on Connery Pond and were probably tired of seeing hikers walk right through their property...Anyway, I was there yesterday. The gate is open as you know and thus you can drive the dirt road in to the parking area which is .6 miles from rt.86. The new start of the trail is 2.6 to Whiteface Landing from the parking area (6.1 to the summit). You can't drive any further as that old road has been closed from Connery Pond on for a long, long time. The .6 dirt road is fine for any type of car - a few small potholes but nothing to worry about...


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              The trailhead starts at the pond and you have to walk the rest of the way to Whiteface landing. There is parking for maybe only 3 or 4 vehicles there, so be prepared to walk from route 86. I only drove it once a few years ago, but do not remember anything to difficult about the road.


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                There seems to be pretty low bar nowadays for what constitutes an "insult". :(

                In light of the original question (can I drive to Whiteface Landing), it was fair to assume there was no familiarity with the area and little effort to research the topic (like refer to a map). Nevertheless, it proved to be an erroneous assumption.

                Revealing you've hiked to Whiteface Landing in the past, only makes one wonder why you'd ask if you could drive there. Did you see a map that misleadingly indicates there's a public-access road to Whiteface Landing?

                Connery Pond is the limit for vehicles and, as you mentioned, the road leading to it is gated and open seasonally. Worst case scenario is the parking area is full and then there's an extra 2 miles of easy road-walking.

                ​As for one's age, the forum's membership includes many people north of the half-century mark (including the gentleman you've asked to refrain from replying to your question).

                ​I hiked Whiteface yesterday from the ASRC. There's very little snow left, not even enough for microspikes, but oodles or running and standing water (and mud, of course). I imagine the south-facing route you intend to use will have even less snow (probably none) and be drier a well.

                ​Have a great hike!

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                  Thank you for the feedback regarding the road itself and that micros will be sufficient for the entire climb. My bad was that I too quickly read the update on the gate opening to Connery Pond. It said "access to" and I mistook that as meaning perhaps the road went as far as Whiteface Landing. It was a long time ago when I did the previous hike, don't see why it would be so weird to think that perhaps over the years the road had been lengthened. A map can show a road going from point A to point B, but that doesn't mean you can drive from Point A to Point B. I asked no questions regarding the actual trail because I do have a trail guide, a map, and doubt the actual trail has been changed since I did it. That is why I simply asked only for clarification regarding the road itself. JoeCedar implying I apparently didn't know anything about the trail, questioned whether I had a trail guide and was the kind of person who often needs rescue was excessive in my opinion. Now if I asked whether the trail was difficult, or if there were a lot of water crossings, or how long would it take to climb, then definitely go ahead and shoot me, But those kinds of questions weren't asked. One last thing, I only threw the age thing in there for dramatic effect!!!
                  It's not about winning, but the rivers you cross.


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                    In addition to the few parking spots at the trailhead lot, people have routinely used several pullouts near the trailhead lot on those occasions when the official spots are filled. I have no idea if these are legal spots, but parking in them in no way inhibits traffic and there has been no signage discouraging their use. Try them at your own risk and discretion.


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                      Thanks for the info guys - Whiteface here I come!!!
                      It's not about winning, but the rivers you cross.