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Found Snowshoe Wright Ski Trail

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  • Found Snowshoe Wright Ski Trail

    Seems to be a trend in the High Peaks these days. I found a snowshoe while descending the Wright Ski Trail today (3/6). PM if you're down a shoe!
    Think cold thoughts.

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    The increasing trend over the past few years is snowshoers using the Wright Peak Ski Trail or any of the other ski trails for that matter.


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      Rickster This is an easy mistake if one isn't paying close attention. While I can't speak for the Wright Ski Trail specifically, during periods following heavy snowfall when skiers saturate the Macs, the section downhill of the Wale's Tail Ski trail and Algonquin Trail junction becomes very wide and follows what would appear to be the natural direction of the Algonquin Trail (and isn't marked. The sign is another 50ft or so uphill facing downhill). On my last trip down from the Macs, dozens of hikers took this left, very likely without realizing it. I also had a skier stop me along the lower section of the Algonquin trail as I was ascending and ask me why I wasn't using the hiking trail. The look on his face was priceless when I told him I was on the hiking trail; he missed his turn by a long shot. I'm not greedy when it comes to sharing trails, but I try to avoid ski trails so I don't get hit by a skier or so a skier doesn't hit a tree trying to avoid me. As somebody who both skis and hikes during the winter, I've never made a complaint about skiers on hiking trails or snowshoers on ski trails.

      It sounds like some better signage might be due. I'm not an advocate of trail usage regulation, per se', but somebody could get hurt.

      My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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        Keep in mind that on the Wright Peak ski trail, at least, some of those snowshoe tracks are from skiers on alpine gear or snowboarders using snowshoes for the ascent.

        And I'm never bothered by snowshoers on ski trails. A nice packed snowshoe trail makes a great skin track.


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          Personally, I've very rarely appreciated a snowshoe track on a ski trail. Anywhere a snow shoe track sets up on a ski trail or elsewhere, it to often becomes the dreaded luge run for those on skis. Skiers live with that on the vast majority of trails throughout the region. But the five down mountain ski trails in the High Peaks were intended and designed for skiing, not snowshoeing. Of course a down mountain ski trail certainly looks more like the Ardennes during the winter of '45 with all the bunkers, moguls, and the like after the passage of crew of BC skiers.

          I've skied the Wright Peak Ski Trail many times ever since they recut it, in what, winter of '87? I've even seen snowshoers drop in from the summit, though the trail technically doesn't achieve timberline and is not blazed or otherwise marked from the summit. Regarding skiers on non-ski trails? There is no restriction.

          Simply put, the state regs don't accommodate snowshoers, snow boarders, alpine skiers or anyone who choose to snowshoe up the ski trail. They should use the hiker's trails, as each of the regular ski trails except the Whale's Tail, all have a hiker's alternative.

          Agreed, proper signage at all ski trails is necessary to make it clear, simple and safer.