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  • Good deals on MSR Revo Explore @ EMS

    With milder weather predicted for Monday 3/6 I'm hoping to get out and try my new snowshoes
    But where is there any snow shoe-able snow? With all the reports of ice, frozen bases and
    p**t holes (sorry about posting that 4 letter word) ​it is not clear where to go.
    I don't need to conquer anything.
    Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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    Those snowshoes look pretty slippery. Be careful.

    First I didn't see the front teeth. Maybe typical lightning traction, whatever that is.
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    I might be kidding...


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      I have a pair, and while I've not climbed any HP with them, I like them. The bottom and the sides are toothy, and they feel stable. My 1 complaint would be that they are tight over the toebox, but that's either a) all snowshoes or b) I failed at strapping them on.

      Review here: