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Your sad, lost snowshoe

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  • Your sad, lost snowshoe

    I'm sure it was really cold and lonely out there for a little while, but it's been found and is now recovering in the warmth of my living room. If you lost it on your way up the Brothers, come and claim it. I'd rather it returned to the owner than dumped in a landfill. Or, if I never hear from the owner and you're in need of a single shoe, I'll start the bidding at $10! Ha!

    It looks like this:

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    Well that's an interesting one. Too bad they didn't leave you both. I'd demo them.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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      feral snowshoe ? may be you can raise it and it will grow up to be a MSR.


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        If you give it milk.