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Your Top Non-Summit Views in the ADK High Peaks

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    Originally posted by ScAtTeRbOnE View Post
    -Indian Head/Fish Hawk Cliffs



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      Originally posted by Neil View Post

      Nice! Reminds me of the first time I went to FHC and the sun was setting.
      We are closer now than we were five minutes ago


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        I second the vote for views from the Pinnacle, especially of the great range.
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          All great responses and so many beautiful places .

          I love the meadow and mountains when I turn in loj road.

          definately wall face , that whole area is so impressive .

          Avalanche lake and the Trap dyke

          Lake tear

          slant rock and the view from the campsite

          any view from the current leanto I am in
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            Two of my favorites are the view of the Flowed Lands after you pop out of the Clamity Brook trail, and the view of Elk Lake from the slide on Macomb.
            Half Dome, Yosemite, 2008
            Angels Landing, Zion, 2005


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              So many great ones, two that haven't been mentioned yet are Wallface from indian pass and the south side of Algonquin from the col. There's also some great views of ausable lakes from the scenic trail up sawteeth.


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                Avalanche Lake in Winter is my favorite so far, but I do also love the view from Frederica Mountain looking out over beautiful Lake Lila and the range beyond that.



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                  Some sights that I didn’t notice having been mentioned above:

                  Macomb or whatever it is straight ahead up the highway from near the Schroon Lake rest area. The first of many landmarks along the way that we’re once again in the High Peaks.

                  The walkways and Hitch-up Matildas along Avalanche Lake.

                  Nippletop across Elk Lake from the lodge’s dock.

                  The wrecks of the Hesperus that are the buildings in Adirondac.


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                    Originally posted by Neil View Post
                    You know you'd save some weight if you switched to piccolo.


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                      Rooster Comb Mt, looking up the valley.
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                        Giants Washbowl is a gorgeous sight for me--the suddenness of this quiet scenic spot whether you're going up or down Giant. Calm, peaceful, serene. Love it.

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                          Originally posted by halocline View Post
                          You know you'd save some weight if you switched to piccolo.
                          I used to play tenor sax and doubled on baritone trombone.


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                            I'm just trying to learn how to post pics from Picasa. It is a nice view though—from the south face of Rocky:


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                              A few of mine (I'll try to upload pictures later):

                              Pharaoh Lake outlet
                              Pharaoh Lake and Mountain, viewed from Wintergreen Point
                              South Lake (in the West Canada Lakes)
                              Indian Pass
                              Duck Hole
                              Grass Pond (Debar Mt. Wild Forest)
                              Sheep's Meadow (Debar Mt. Wild Forest)


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                                The view of Saddleback while climbing up the Gothics cable route.