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Buy ADK Music, Support the ADKHighPeaks Foundation

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  • Buy ADK Music, Support the ADKHighPeaks Foundation

    Buy ADK Music, Support the ADKHighPeaks Foundation

    One of our own forum members, Gray Ghost (Kyle Lang), is an acoustic singer/songwriter who lives in, and draws his inspiration from the Adirondacks. Kyle has recently released his latest album, Woods and Water, which focuses on the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness and Hammond Pond Wild Forest. Kyle has graciously offered to make a donation of $2.00 to the ADKHighpeaks Foundation for every album purchased by a forum member.

    How it Works

    Visit Kyle’s site on, which allows you to listen to the full album online, and then purchase the album. Bandcamp distributes the music electronically, allowing you to choose a format and download instantly to your computer. Additionally, purchasing a physical CD is also an option*. Once you have purchased the album, send a PM to Gray Ghost and myself, letting us know that you have purchased the album, and Kyle will donate to the foundation.

    * To purchase an electronic download, click the first Buy Now link. To purchase a physical CD, click the second Buy Now link (with "ships within 1 day" just below the link). The physical CD has a minimal shipping charge, but also includes a free electronic download.

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    Thanks, Kyler. I'm glad we could work this out. I will also extend the same offer for my first album, Counting Sheep, which is also available on my bandcamp page.

    I hope everyone enjoys the music as they support the foundation. Thank you. Comments and questions welcome.


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      Ironic, I just finished thanking Mavs for the free site...
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        Originally posted by TFR View Post
        Ironic, I just finished thanking Mavs for the free site...
        There's certainly no obligation.


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          I'm enjoying the music!! Love it!


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            Thanks for listening and purchasing. The album was a lot of fun to make and I'm glad others are enjoying it.


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              Even for those who just listen and don't purchase, your feedback is appreciated. Please continue to spread the word as I hope to cut a nice check to the foundation by the time the promo concludes. For those who have purchased, the positive response has been awesome, so thank you!