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Dial and Nippletop..clockwise or counter???

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  • Dial and Nippletop..clockwise or counter???

    Just as title asks...Plan a group hike in a few weeks...Need to decide which route to take...Group experience level always a questilon mark...Anything that should be avoided?..If so can it be avoided to taking one route over the other...Thanks

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    Looking for Views!


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        There's no right answer. I prefer counterclockwise because I prefer doing steep parts of a hike at the beginning when my legs are fresh, I prefer climbing up very steep sections instead of stumbling down them and I hate ending hikes with a long walk on a road.

        Also, if group experience is mixed I would caution against doing the trip clockwise. Having inexperienced hikers 7 miles into a hike with tired legs being forced to hike down a prolonged steep section sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
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          Neither: Dial-Nippletop-Dial makes for the best hike with the least road walk.
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