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FDR adopt Lyon Mtn !!

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  • FDR adopt Lyon Mtn !!

    Hello all,

    I am very excited to announce that FDR (Fous de Rando, french-canadian hiking forum for those who doesn't know) have been accepted in the ADK Mountain Club Stewartship program as Lyon Mountain trail adopters.

    Because we hike a lot in the ADK's, it became natural for us to get more involved in land preservation, and ''give back''. Our task will consist in blowdown removal, side-cutting and keeping drainage clear. We will also report any other problems that will be observed on the trail, so please if someone here has something worth sharing please advise me (PM or email).

    Our first outing is schedule in May, we are very excited about it and hope hikers will appreciate our work.

    -Julie, Alexandre, Eric, Julie, Viviane, Martin, Suzie, Marie-Josée, Maxime and Bruno.

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    Guinness: Goes in brown, comes out yellow.


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      Très bien!
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        An excellent gesture!
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          Thank you to all my friends of FDR who are volunteered for the Lyon trail. I will certainly help you.
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            Thanks in advance to all of you for your hard work!!!!
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              Can't wait to saw, shovel, sweat, and get dirty
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