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Suggestions for Short Hikes in the ADKs

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    Here is a second link to a newspaper story regarding Moxham Mountain trail
    Since there are dozens of mountains he's been talking about wanting to climb for years we often stop while driving along mountain roads to examine peaks and rocky outcrops from below so he can speculate on their hike-ability and possible views I don't think I can be blamed for not immediately recognizing the name Moxham Mountain. The rocky dome of Moxham rises majestically over Route 28 between North Creek and Minerva, tantalizing hikers like Herb with the potential for good views. [...] recently, the open cliff top could only be reached by bushwhack. [...] earlier this summer, the Department of Environmental Conservation cut a new trail up to the top, giving hikers easier access to a fantastic view over the Hudson River valley and Central Adirondacks. According to the state's unit management plan for the Vanderwacker Mountain Wild Forest, where Moxham is located, the mountain was originally called Jones Mountain, but was renamed after Robert Moxham, "who surveyed Dominick's Patent in 1798, and supposedly fell from the cliffs and died."