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Back country canoe trip vs DSLR

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  • Back country canoe trip vs DSLR

    Hey everyone, I'm headed back ip to Algonquin Park this summer for another 8 day canoe trek. This is usually a pretty grueling and intense trip with some 14-17 yr old scouts. I have always taken 2 @ disposable waterproof cameras in the past, and surprisingly enough gotten so,e pretty awesome shots, however, I've advanced my own skills a bit and would really love to take my DSLR .

    I have been thinking about getting a pelican for my Canon 60D. I currently have a 18-135mm kit lens and will potentially have a 10-20mm lens as well for my trip, as well a few backup batteries. Was looking at the Pelican 1450 which I think would work but I would life to get the smallest case that will adequately protect and keep my gear dry....

    Thoughts? Discussion?

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    I use a Pelican for work, much larger than the size you're looking for though. They are well built, and highly recommended. Mine has gone through a lot of abuse from the airlines and is still going strong.
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      Ended up going with a Pelican 1400 case, used the pick and pluch foam to house my 60D witha 18-135mm lense, then a 10-20mm lens, 3 spare batteries, some filters, remote trigger, and lens caps.

      worked out really well, stayed dry the whole time, and easy enough to tote around.