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Lundy Road, Potterville Ghost town???

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  • Lundy Road, Potterville Ghost town???

    Howdy folks!

    A few months ago I was transferred to a post in Ellenville, NY. Hasn't taken long for the tales of "Potterville" up on Lundy Road (Wawarsing) to reach my ears. The teenagers talk of murders, disappearances, haunted places, ruins, etc...

    Anyone know anything about this area? history? Owners of the estate (the big one a few miles in)? Any hiking off this road worth trying? Does the road "go" anywhere? There are no dead end signs, but I gave up and bailed out because not long past the estate bridge/gates, the potholes and deep rain-filled ditches (and the idiot light on in the truck, and the looming twilight...) gave me the willies.

    The road is beautiful - waterfalls, deep dark forest... but it is a little remote.


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    I have not gone very far up the road. Potterville was razed after the state purchased the Lundy estate. There is a short write up in Hiking the Road to Ruins by David Steinberg.

    The Lundy family owned and operated Lundy's Restauant in Brooklyn. I do not know anymore about the family or the history of Potterville.
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      I've been there quite a few times. Interesting place for sure. I've heard lots of "ghost" stories about it. Depends on what you believe I guess!