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SAR Scholarship Recalls Hiking Death of Hua Davis

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  • SAR Scholarship Recalls Hiking Death of Hua Davis

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    Unlike some other higher profile rescuees, Hua’s kids definitely learned something. Maybe this will save a life some day. Bravo to Echo and Steve.
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      Yes, I guess this goes along with what we've heard from the family. Not sure if its what Hua Davis would want. Seems like its a case of family members looking from the outside. I guess most of us probably have family members that don't understand us. Do any of us want to be remembered this way? Just wondering. For the purpose of saving someone else from being remembered this way.
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        Originally posted by CatskillKev View Post
        Not sure if its what Hua Davis would want.
        Trying to guess what Hua Davis would or would not want is pure speculation. In any case, she is dead and gone. If this is what her kids want, then fine. I'm applying.
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          She made some very serious errors that shouldn't be overlooked. Kudos to Echo and Steve on wanting to save someone else life, giving them the opportunity to learn the proper way to Winter Hike instead of thinking they are invincible. Very Sad Story!
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