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  • ADK Land Field and Forest Conservancy

    Anyone ever heard of this group?

    Earlier today I came across an Insta post by them, claiming that they're in the process of closing a land deal that they've been working on. Their website lists some definitions of ADK lands, dolled up to look like inspirational quotes, but they aren't very clear on exactly what their mission is. They make it sound like they're acquiring private lands to be reserved as "forever wild," but they make no mention of turning any of these pieces of property over to the state, for free or otherwise. Their site is also badged as a non-prof, but that certainly doesn't mean that they aren't trying to run a revenue-generating business.

    While I'm sure it happens more frequently than people realized, it seems a little alarming that an organization would be bragging about how they're re-acquiring private lands for supposedly public use, and then restricting access for anyone who isn't affiliated with their programs. I understand that they're a private organization and can do virtually whatever they want to with lands bought through private sales, but they're also asking for public donations under the assumption that they're removing public use restrictions.

    When I called for more information about their program, nobody was available to give specifics.

    Not trying to start a witch hunt or anything, just looking for more information about what this organization is all about.
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    Interesting. Sounds sorta like another Fresh Air Fund type program. I can't find any mention on the web site that the acquired lands will be open to the general public though.

    Worth mentioning that The Lake George Land Conservancy allows free access to all of their properties. They are a non-profit land trust that does not turn the land over to the state. They do a great job and the properties are very well maintained.


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      This is true, they don't specifically state that they allow public access to their lands, but they certainly imply it in a clever very market-y kind of way. I sense that what they're doing is using their connection the the NYC youth programs to help maintain their non-prof status while in reality, they are another pay-to-play land holder. As you may have noticed on their site, they don't actually mention where their lands are or how to access these wonderful places, like skiing and mountain bikes trials, camping areas with low-impact raised tent platforms, etc. They do however, make it a point to mention in a couple of places that they "work with" urban outdoor initiatives, which they also do not provide contact info for.

      Thanks for the info on LGLC.

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    To split a hare...LGLC has sold some of their land to NYS; Berry Pond, Cat Mt. and Pole Hill Pond.