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A good reason to keep your dog on a leash

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  • A good reason to keep your dog on a leash

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    Classic. Man's best friend.
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      Sounds like what happened to a guy who was hiking in the southern ADKs a couple years back.


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        Recently, at the summit of Balsam Lake Mountain, a family arrived in the middle of 'lunch hour' with 2 dogs, who had not only no leash, but no collar!

        They proceeded to run amok, with the owners being totally unable to control them, hassling others hikers as well as other dogs, who amazingly, resisted a full blown confrontation.

        Once again, I blame the humans, not the pets...
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        • FlyFishingandBeer
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          Exactly. Dogs will do what their owners give them the opportunity to do, by lack or training or lack of restraint. I love hiking with my pups, but keep them on a leash for this reason.

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        But it's NEVER the dog owners fault, it's yours.


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          For the 879th time, this is why domestic canines do not belong in the backcountry.
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          • Makwa
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            It's about that many times I've been told that an unleashed dog barking/ growling at me is friendly.

          • FlyFishingandBeer
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            I would argue that irresponsible dog owners have no business bringing their dogs into the back country. Mine have been all over the ADK. They've stayed on leashes, never barked or growled at another person or dog, and I don't allow them to sh!t/piss on or immediately next to trails. While I don't hike with them much anymore due to their ages, I taught them young that when we go into the woods, its MY walk, not theirs.

            I suspect that people who don't train their dogs to behave and let them cause problems are the people who raise their kids the same way.

          • dundee
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            No, it's the kids who have it worse. We can't discipline cute little Spot!