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    Thinking of getting a hiking kilt. Anyone know of any stores in the Northeast (or Albany area) that carry hiking kilts? Advice based on user experiences?
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    I didn't even know this was a thing until you posted. I don't know of any stores carrying such an item but lots of web sites have them. Mountain Hardware makes one ($75) that shows up on multiple web sites including REI and Amazon. My guess is a good waist measurement is all you'll need for a proper fit.


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      I know they make *rain* kilts which seems like a less clammy way of keeping rain out than full-on rain pants. As for hiking kilts, I'm insufficiently informed to understand their appeal ...
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      • FlyFishingandBeer
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        I can understand the appeal. In theory, the Crotch Pot wouldn't work very well.

      • Trail Boss
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        If by appeal you mean it affords the opportunity to go commando ... baggy shorts kinda offer the same opportunity ... including the opportunity to accidentally expose dangly parts.

        Ticks + kilts + commando = bad day

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      A friend of mine uses the Mountain Hardwear men's kilt and says it's the most comfortable thing he's ever worn hiking. Not sure if they still make it.
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        Ran into a kilt hiker this weekend. On Algonquin I told him 'today is the day to hike in a skirt'. HA! I corrected myself on Wright.
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