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  • Well Damn.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    Additional discussion:


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      The future model may be as a mostly internet retailer with fewer locations. They have been offering 20% off almost continually. The Lake Placid store must be one of their strongest locations.

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      • FlyFishingandBeer
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        Yeah constant 20% off sale and they also haven't been paying out their rewards points lately. I knew something was up when I got a $10 coupon from them instead of my usual big ticket item rewards. I've never been in the LP EMS when there wasn't a line to cash out, I'd hope that one is sustainable. Maybe this means we'll finally get an REI in Upstate NY.

      • bfinan0
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        It isn't built yet but there's supposed to be an REI opening this summer/fall in Rochester, not that that will help you much though.

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      I haven't looked at the entire list of closings to compare them with the remaining open stores but in my area (Albany) they are closing what appears to be a redundant store. The Niskayuna location is closing while the Albany location about 10 miles away will remain open. To have two stores so close to service what really is a niche market seems silly. Hikers show weekend after weekend they are willing to drive hundreds of miles to enjoy their sport. Why not drive an extra 10 miles to find a store to buy gear for that sport? The store closing makes sense in my opinion.

      Bankruptcy aside I have had nothing but problems with EMS. I have detailed that in other threads on the topic but I honestly don't know if I'll ever walk through their doors again. I can find what I want/need on-line from other outdoor retailers at half the price and none of the headaches. Paying full retail for the convenience (debatable) of a brick & mortar is not something I really desire to do. If EMS can't find a way to compete in a changing market the rest of the stores will close too. Retailers in general are suffering. Read this from a few days for details on the upcoming pain...
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