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    I got out hiking 41 times in 2016. Not a huge amount of mileage or vertical for the year. This is evidenced by my paltry mileage/ele gain totals and the fact I was only sore the day after a hike just a few times this year. Backing out a bunch of flat land strolls my year averaged out to about 7 miles per hike with the elevation gain equivalent of climbing Cascade over and over and over. Here's the breakdown...

    41 days hiking in 2016 (30 solo hikes & 11 with others)
    54 different summits reached in 5 different states (and 6 repeats of those 54)
    parked at 64 different trailheads
    visited 8 different ADK Wilderness Areas
    visited 10 different ADK Wild Forests
    completed hikes for 14 different lists I'm actively working on (yes... 14)
    four of those lists were completed in 2016:
    * Saranac 6
    * Fire Tower Challenge (30/30)
    * Tupper Triad three-season (single day)
    * Tupper Triad winter season (single day)
    created and was first finisher of the gimmicky HoJo Challenge
    9 of 10 hikes completed for the Indian Lake 4-3-2-1 Challenge
    9 waterfalls visited as part of the Hamilton County Waterfall Challenge
    9 other NYS fire towers visited that are not part of the Fire Tower Challenge
    * (now at 41/54 of publicly accessible towers and 0/14 privately owned towers)
    6 winter Fire Towers visited (my first half dozen... 6/23 toward the winter rocker)
    6 lakes, ponds, and chasms hiked to (not on the way to any summit)
    4 state High Points reached (DE, MA, CT, NJ)
    3 winter High Peaks summited (my first three... 3/46 toward the winter rocker)
    1 more of the ADK Hundred Highest summited (65/102 lifetime)
    introduced 2 newbies to the Adirondacks
    found 2 plane crashes in the woods
    endured 2 sprained fingers, a bruised tailbone, an injured heel, and a persistent upper respiratory infection
    hiked with 2 members of the forum (one well-known and one who doesn't post)
    wrote 33 trip reports among my 400+ forum posts
    spent too much money on new gear
    took 4,032 pictures
    drove 8,105 miles
    met lots of nice people on the trails
    ∞ amount of fun had along the way
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      Nice list! I always appreciate your comments.

      I don't even want to calculate my's likely on the order of 20,000 for the year...just to hike. Yikes!

    • Makwa
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      20,000!!! Wow. That's dedication. If my math is correct you only need to drive another 70,000 or so to finish your grid.

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    47 - Adirondacks, Winter (SSWR)
    66 - Adirondacks, Summer, Spring, Fall
    35 - Catskills, 3500 ft Winter (SSWR)
    28 - Maine, Spring and Fall
    6 - New Hampshire, Summer
    5 - Vermont, Fall

    Total of 187 peaks


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      It's ~ 5 summits each weekend.
      It seems reasonable for a person like Joe.

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      The 187 peaks were hiked in 68 hiking days, for an average of 2.75 peaks per day. Sometimes hikes were done from more than one trailhead in the same day. Six is the highest number of peaks climbed in a single day (three occurrences), and of course one is the smallest. I had 297 days I didn't hike a high peak in the above list, though I did other hikes on some of those days "just for fun".

    • autochromatica
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      ...and if it wasn't so darn hot this summer I'm sure you'd have hiked more. I love the dual SSWNY!

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    Some in NY the rest elsewhere.

    February: Completed a one day traverse of the Dix Range (five summits and endless snow). Probably the most challenging single “hike” of 2016. With Monica, Colin, and Cesar. Also did Haystack and Gray/Skylight/Marcy on this trip - only 14 left for the W46.

    May: Completed the Belknap 12 as a one day traverse. A fun diversion from the taller peaks further north. With Colin and Brynne.

    July: Completed the Weld Mountaineering 8 for my 50th birthday. The first time I did three different hikes on the same day - not bad for an old man. With Monica, Emily, Colin, and Ashley. This list was created after seeing a poster from the 1950's.

    July/August: Got to summit 12 more of the Colorado 14ers. First time taking a train to the trailhead and climbing up Class 3/4 scrambles. Monica and I met up with Emily and Ashley for the first half of the trip and Kyle and Cesar during the second half.

    September: Monica and I were able to provide wilderness first aid to a person who shattered her ankle and then we assisted on the carry out.

    October: Became the 69th person to complete the New Hampshire Grid when I climbed Jefferson (my first 4K) using the Caps Ridge Trail (Monica and I are the volunteer trail adopters). It took more than seven years to do the first 285 but less than two years to do the final 291.

    October: Friend and fellow hiker Rick Libby died on the Caps Ridge Trail during his hike to Jefferson. Anyone that met Rick enjoyed sharing the trail with him.

    November: Completed the Saranac 6 within 24 hours to be an Ultra 6er. The first time I did five different hikes on the same day. Probably the most challenging single “day” of 2016. With Colin, Kyle, Tom, John, and Jim.

    Hiking by the numbers...

    87 hikes … 191 summits (69 in winter) … 999 miles hiked … 345,900 feet climbed … 634 hours on the trail
    Summited Most Often: 5 times each - Bondcliff, Carrigain, Guyot, Hale, and Zealand
    Most Summits in One Day: 12 - Belknap Range on May 14
    Highest Elevation: 14,309 feet - Uncompahgre (CO) on July 30
    Longest Hike (single hike): 25.3 miles - Hale, Zealand, Guyot, and Bonds on April 2
    Longest Hike (multiple hikes same day): 31.3 miles - Saranac 6 on November 12
    Most Elevation Gain (single hike): 9,200 feet - Moriah, Carters, and Wildcats on March 19
    Most Elevation Gain (multiple hikes same day): 10,525 feet - Saranac 6 on November 12
    Most Duration (single hike): 15h 30m - Dix Range on February 20
    Most Duration (multiple hikes same day): 15h 55m - Saranac 6 on November 12

    Reaching the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory. (Ed Viesturs)

    Three-Season 4K: NH 4K Grid #69, ADK 46 x 2, NH 48 x 13, New England 67 X 3, & Northeast 115
    Winter 4K: ADK 43/46, NH 48 x 3, New England 67, & Northeast 110/115
    Others: CO 14ers 24/58, NEHH 96/100, Catskills 7/35
    Trail Adopter: Caps Ridge Trail from Trailhead to Summit of Jefferson
    Organizer: Random Group of Hikers (


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      Wow! Great list!

      345,900 vertical feet...impressive.