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Campmor delivery times!

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  • Campmor delivery times!

    This has been posted here before, but Campmor is incredible with their delivery times! I ordered a PFD yesterday morning at 9:00, and got an order complete email this morning stating that the package will be delivered today. Thats a 24 hour turn around, and it was standard shipping. When would I have gotten it if I had used Next Day Air? When I press the 'Submit' button!
    Why cant other companies get their products delivered that fast?

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    always had good luck with receiving campmor orders "early"...their location probably doesnt hurt in that respect.


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      I've never ordered anything from Campmor but I have sure been to their store many times.. It's only like a 2 hour drive from here!


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        Yeah, they're pretty unbelievable. The stuff shows up the day before you order.
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          I must agree. I've ordered and had it on my porch the next day. I'm not that far away though.
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            I'm lucky enough to live only 30 minutes from Campmor, so delivery is immediate.
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