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  • kicked out while composing a post

    Hi, Folks;

    has anyone else been logged off automatically even when they are composing a trail report? I have been kicked off several times; my way of dealing with this is to copy and paste the entire post and then save to clipboard or e-mail that post to myself, rather than rely on the auto recover feature that V Bulletin uses. I end up having to re-write what couple of paragraphs are missing from the post if I use that method.

    If you see my post on Franconia, you will see it was written by "Guest" ha ha. It logged me out, and then I just forgot to edit the word "guest" out of the final draft.

    Will there be an upgrade to the forums anytime soon? 10k max for a picture is like from the year 1996. Now, 1 MB in most circles would be acceptable.

    Well, we can all hope for new things, can't we?

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    Happens to me all the time if my post takes more than a couple of minutes. I just type everything in Word and then copy/past it over. It causes some formatting issues but its better than being logged out mid-post and losing what I've typed.
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      I use a method similar to Kestral, but simpler: Periodically I select my entire post and copy it using ctlC (I don't paste it anywhere yet). If I get kicked out, I just start a new post and enter ctlV (paste) and it magically appears!

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        When you log in are you selecting "Remember Me"?
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