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flame-out/hang when posting a new topic?

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  • flame-out/hang when posting a new topic?

    When I post or reply to something, I enter all my well-written and well thought-out text, then hit Post, then the screen sort of freezes with a little "Working" popup, that never goes away. But, if I open a new window and hit the site, my post is there.

    Anyone else see this? Some kind of browser-specific thing?

    Edit: annoyingly, when I posted THIS, it worked instantly/as expected.
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    Cold comfort but I've seen that happen as well. It occurs now and then (less so recently than in the past for me). It seems to be one of the quirks that materialized when vBulletin was upgraded to 5.1.6.
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      It's a known bug in this version that has been resolved with the latest version.

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    You might want to install Lazarus if you are using FF...
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      Happens to me almost all the time with Chrome on mac and Safari on ipod.