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  • Signatures.

    I wanted to add a signature line to my posts and couldn't get it to work through my profile settings. So, I went into the Admin section and saw that signatures were restricted to "0" lines so I changed that to 5. Seems like I'm seeing all sorts of signatures under peoples' posts now.
    Project-100: 100 peaks, one winter.

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    That's weird my signature is like 3 lines and never had an issue
    "Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
    Ed Viesturs


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      Originally posted by ADKJack
      That's weird my signature is like 3 lines and never had an issue
      Do you have John Han****s in Canada?


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        ​The British North America act of 1867 effectively created Canada. The "Fathers of Confederation" (sounds like, but is not, a 70's rock band) were these gents: ​

        I don't know who had the most flamboyant signature to qualify as the Canadian version of "John Han****".

        ​The BNA Act, was "repatriated" in 1982, and became the Canadian Constitution. Most importantly it acquired the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was signed by Pierre-Eliott Trudeau (father of our current PM, Justin Trudeau) so I guess we could say "put your Pierre Trudeau right there"... but we don't.

        This is what many Canadians remember about PE Trudeau: "Just watch me."
        Looking for Views!


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          So long story short. No, you don't have a John Han****. Too bad.